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Mathews Electrical, Inc. has the answers to electrical questions. Listed below are the frequently asked questions. Contact Mathews Electrical, Inc. 281-398-0024.


I have numerous electrical devices that have a three-prong plug, but most of my outlets only accept a two-prong plug. Should I use the adapters, or consider rewiring some outlets1?

I smell something burning, but I don’t see a flame. Do electrical fires have a peculiar smell?

I want to install a ceiling fan where a ceiling light fixture is. How difficult is the task? Should I call an electrician?

When I am cooking, washing clothes and have the television on occasionally a circuit throws. Do I need a new breaker in the breaker box?

I use an extension cord for a few items in my house/office. One of the extension cords gets warm to the touch from time to time. Is this something I should be concerned about and if so what should I do?

Are surge protectors beneficial? Which type of electrical devices should I utilize through a surge protector?

Are there other ways to protect my electrical devices without using a surge protector or in combination with a surge protector?

Is there an unsafe length of extension cord, or combination of extension cords, to use?

Tracy Mathews, CEO

Master Electrician
  • Tracy Mathews, Master Electrician in Houston TX

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